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Registered Dental Hygienist – Omaha

Dental Office Manager – Lincoln


Our Core Values


•Make a positive in our patients’ lives.
•Go above and beyond what is expected.
•Put service over self, leave your worries at the door.
•Diagnose and present what is in the patient’s best interest.
•Make patients feel valued.
•Be intentional about delivering an outstanding experience in all areas.

Team Player

•Put “we over me”.
•Work together and build strong relationships: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
•”Take out the trash”.
•Be willing to serve others.
•Lift others up.

Positive Attitude

•Focus on what we CAN control. This affects everything.
•Improve quality of life, staff retention, and treatment outcomes by having a positive attitude.
•Recognize that we don’t really have problems, we have opportunities!
•Be appreciative.

Willing To Learn

•Recognize that it’s ok to make mistakes and do your best to grow from them.
•Ask questions and look for answers.
•Be growth-minded: Be willing to run towards criticism rather that run away from it.


•Commit yourself to your goals, work hard, and don’t make excuses.
•Be willing to make sacrifices.
•Commit to constant improvements. Be better today than you were yesterday.
•Be in the moment. Focus on what you control. Be intentional.

Why Our Team Loves Working Here

Stephanie Lake


Appreciating the time she has for her family, the teamwork involved in every aspect of the practice and the opportunity she has had for growth, Dr. Lake describes the team’s mindset of improving lives and serving others.


Mark Pinkerton


Having worked in dentistry for 33 years, Dr. Pinkerton explains how Superior Dental Health has allowed him to concentrate more on what he loves, grow his talents and work closely with other dentists as they invest in the lives of others.

Caley Maszk

Office Admin

Caley describes the support that she has received from Superior Dental Health from the first day she began working with the team. Core values and the willingness to help her each step of the way has made her love her position!



Meet Our Team

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