Nebraska Cancer Specialists Donation 2022

At Superior Dental Health, our team holds a quarterly contest in which the winner selects an organization to support. As chosen by team member Laura Martinez, we are pleased to announce Nebraska Cancer Specialists (NCS) as our latest donation recipient.

Laura is familiar with NCS, as this organization provided her husband with a vital treatment plan following his cancer diagnosis. It was discovered he had a rare form of cancer known as Ewing Sarcoma. Thanks to early detection, the tumor was successfully removed before it spread and reached the bone. After surgery, Laura and her husband visited NCS, where they received compassion, support, and a recovery plan that took immediate action. Laura’s husband celebrated one year of remission in May 2022.

As an organization dedicated to fighting cancer, delivering exceptional care, and supporting patients and their families, we are pleased to make this contribution in support of Nebraska’s leading community oncology practice.

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